IT Services Offers a Chance to Cut Operating Costs

Matt Dickerson (Managing Director, Senior Network Consultant, AXXIS Technology) is a consultant who has been cited in the Top 15 Worldwide Small Business consultants. He states that “The typical business spends around 30% on I.T. Hardware purchases account for 30% of the I.T. maintenance.” What are your numbers? What are the metrics you use – read here?

This article has been written to help you find a solution the next you or your manager ask: “What could we do to make the company more profitable while also reducing costs?” We’ll take a short look at I.T. Grab a beverage of choice and join us. Managed Services.

What is managed IT Services (MiT)?

IT mix of different products, I.T. services and more. Partners offer a wide range of services, both on site and remotely. Most services go to small to mid-sized enterprises. It is like having a full-time virtual I.T. department. This department is responsible for all the IT needs of the organization.

This includes, but is not limited to initial I.T. The initial planning, implementation and technical support as well as the ongoing administration of the system and budgeting are all part of the overall I.T.

What service do you offer?

All service providers offer different solutions and services, and it is very important that you know how each provider delivers them. The following are basic examples. In your search for an I.T. Managed Services partners who do not offer them should be avoided.

7/24/365 Monitoring, maintenance, and support for Networks

It is the foundation of everything that I.T. A service company is a business that provides services. The information you have and what your customers expect are important enough to not wait for 24 to 72 or even more hours to get an I.T. issue resolved. You need to resolve the issue as soon as possible. What are the budgeting and planning methods for these unexpected circumstances? It is important that your IT services provider constantly monitors and manages all aspects of the system. This includes monitoring for spyware, virus, disk drive, applications, security patch, etc. For most companies, having on-site and off-site support around the clock is a must. A fixed price should be set for all services. No more guessing games or “around that much”

I.T. Systems Planning and Analysis

Some business owners are more concerned with their immediate I.T. requirements than they are about a growth strategy. Your IT service provider should evaluate your present and future I.T. Make recommendations for your growing business. Each component should contribute to growing your business. I.T. should be included, yes?