Flat Roof Repair: Best Practices

When you repair a flat roofing system, you need to use caution if the roof is flat. Flat roofs are becoming a popular choice in many homes today. Take a look below at the most important tips for maintaining your action roofing.

Repairing a flat roof – important steps

If the damage is small, it would be best to replace the section with a brand new one. The dirt and gravel on the roof damaged section should be cleaned with a broom. It is not necessary to throw away the gravel, as it can be used in repairs. A straight-edged utility knife can be used to remove the damaged area. To cut the rectangular roofing section, you will have to exert some effort. It is important to cut the top layer first, and then cut the layers below that have been damaged.

Cut a new section of roof material from an asphalt shingle, or roll. The size of the piece you replaced should roughly match the original section. You can apply some plastic roof repair cement inside the area you cut. Make sure the cement extends over all edges. Once the patch is in its proper place, you can nail it. You can repair the roof by using galvanized roofing nails, which are approximately 2 inches apart.

You will need to cut a replacement 4 inches bigger than the original and overlap the patch by 2 inches each side. The first patch can be covered with roofing cement, but it must be at least 3 inch outside of the patch’s perimeter. You would press the second patch down and secure it while cementing and nailing it.

Repairing flat roofs is easy

Then, after the cement is set up, you can sweep back gravel on top to keep it in place. You will have to redo the repair if you do not allow the cement time to harden.

Water pooling in these areas is what causes most of the damage. Water can be soaked up using absorbent material and clothes. Once the surface is dry, check for cracks in the ceiling or blisters. You can use a blade to remove the blister. Be careful not to cut too deeply as you will end up causing more damage. Once the inside of the blister has been drained, allow the area time to dry. Apply roof cement and seal it well after the repair.

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