What is the difference between twin flames, and twin Souls?

What is a twin soul?

In the Universal Womb, Mother-Father God split a single energetic unit into two complete and separate halves. On the energy plan, twin souls are created in the same way as identical babies are produced on earth when the same zygote is split into two. In the end, our body is just a small reflection of what’s going on in the universe. Come and visit our website search it on twin flame sketch you can learn more.

As one’s closest family member is their twin, the twin soul has a similar relationship to their blood relatives. Some people do not have twin souls, just as some don’t have physical twins. In fact, both phenomenon are quite rare. Around 2% (or a similar percentage) of the human population has a twin-soul. The rate at which twin souls manifest on Earth is increasing, much like how the appearance of physical identical twins has increased over the years. This is the result of the awakening world to Universal Oneness.

Twin souls, while originating from the two halves that make up one whole, are complete in themselves. But just as many twins that are not reunited at birth feel like their half is missing, the feeling of twin souls can be multiplied. Two twin souls’ desire for each other is usually instinctive, and it can be subconscious. However, the intensity depends on how spiritually awake you are. In dreams they often meet each other, although at first they might be unable to recognize one another.

Take into consideration that, while the majority of human beings have a different DNA sequence, only a very small number, such as physical twins have an identical DNA sequence while remaining separate people. Similarly, most souls will have different frequencies of energy, but a few, like twin souls can still have separate energetic frequencies.

What is a Twin Flame Journey?

Twin Flame Journey means more than one twin simply identifying the location and finding the other. Then, the two live happily ever after. There are four major milestones that each twin will have to overcome in order to reach ascension.

1. Individual Wholeness

All milestones are built on this foundation. The twins’ exploration of their inner selves is the foundation for all milestones to come. This involves clearing karmic debts and dissecting resistances. It also includes healing one’s body, mind, and spirit. Union can only occur when both twins have reached their highest spiritual level and are healed to the extent possible of any traumas they may have experienced.

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