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Best cloud file manager of 2022

This list is about the best cloud file manager. We will do our best for you to understand this Best Cloud File Manager list. I hope you like this list Best cloud file manager. So let’s start: About the Best Cloud File Manager When working from home, few things are more important than sharing your […]

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8 Best Android File Manager Apps in 2022

One of the downsides of Android compared to desktop operating systems is its apparent lack of options to drill down into the operating system and manually manage your files. While an unrooted Android OS doesn’t offer many of these options by default, there are plenty of great file manager apps out there that will give […]

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Classic File Manager Gets Version for Windows 11

classic file manager To give Microsoft, released in 1990, got a remastered version which can be installed on Windows 10 and Windows 11. as shown technological radar On Monday (17), Grandmother replaces File Explorer latest versions of the operating system. first used in Windows 3.0, the older software was the only file and folder management […]

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The classic file manager has been re-released for Windows 11

Don has been writing professionally for over 10 years now, but his passion for writing dates back to his elementary school days. His work has been published on,, eHow,,… Read more File Manager, a Microsoft product released in 1990 for the MS-DOS operating system, was redeveloped by Microsoft developers for the Windows […]

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How to easily update a tar file from Linux file manager

Instead of recreating your tarball when you need to add files, why not just add those files? Jack Wallen shows you how from the command line and a graphical file manager in Linux. Learn more about the software If you’re a Linux admin, chances are you use tar to create backups of data or just […]

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Top 8 Ways To Fix Unfortunately File Manager Has Stopped On Android

A file manager plays a crucial role in the Android ecosystem. When you try to import an image or document into any application, the operating system opens the built-in file manager to choose a file. The problem occurs when the file manager does not start and displays the error “Unfortunately, the file manager has stopped”. […]

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PUBG Mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India, APK & OBB File Download

Battlegrounds Mobile India official version: download APK and OBB files PUBG Mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Release: BGMI released, check the official download link for APK and OBB files. Krafton presented Battlegrounds Mobile India, where fans are excited to play their favorite mobile game on their devices. The game is currently available for download on […]

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Best File Manager and FTP Client for Mac OS: Commander One 3.0

The Mac operating system is the most sophisticated operating system explicitly used by computer scientists and software engineers. The reason is that it is very secure, sturdy, and quick to use. Finding files on Mac operating system becomes complicated if they are not organized properly. Therefore, we need file manager software that can efficiently perform […]

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Microsoft Releases Updated Windows 10X Emulator With New File Manager App

Microsoft today announced the release of the updated Microsoft Emulator (v1.1.54.0) and Windows 10X Emulator Image (10.0.19578) in the Microsoft Store. This update includes several updates for Windows 10X, including the Win32 container. Find the changelog below. What’s new in Microsoft emulator: Ability to query the Store for updated images and install them. When running […]

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Raspbian from Raspberry Pi Gets New Features: File Manager, Thonny Python IDE Updates

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new version of its Raspbian operating system, bringing improvements to the file manager, the Orca screen reader for the visually impaired, and a new way to configure preferences for audio devices. The last time Raspbian got a major release was Raspbian Buster, released with the new Raspberry Pi […]

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How to install the Polo file manager – and why you should

Learn how to install a lesser-known Linux file manager that has tons of possibilities. The Linux desktop has a lot of options. There is not a single application, which does not have several competitors ready. A perfect example is the file manager. There’s Nautilus, Thunar, Dolphin, Konqueror, Midnight Commander, Krusader, PCMan – the list goes […]

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Windows 10: You can now get the 90s Windows File Manager from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has released its relaunched, open-source Windows File Manager starting with Windows 3.0 in the Microsoft Store. The new application is aimed at fans of the look and feel of the file manager in Windows in the early 90s. The Windows file manager was the first graphical interface for managing and accessing files. It was […]

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Microsoft Brings Windows 3.0 File Manager to Windows 10 Store

In 2018, Microsoft released the version of File Manager that came with Windows 3.0. The software giant posted the source codes on Github, which allowed users to download and install the file manager on Windows 10 devices. Windows 3.0 File Manager was released in the early 90s. Because it is a decades-old application, Microsoft had […]

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EML file extension reader to open EML file format with attachments

SysToolsData Expert – Recovery, Backup, Migration SysTools Simplifying Technology Leader in data recovery, data migration and data backup with over 200 solutions. Posted: 2018-06-16 Also looking for a free solution to open EML file format? But you don’t know how to open .eml format in Windows? Now don’t worry, because this blog describes the […]

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Microsoft launches Windows 3.0 file manager for Windows 10

Image courtesy: Microsoft recently released an open source version of the File Manager that ships with Windows 3.0. While Windows 10’s File Explorer is much better with tab support and improved performance, the old File Manager isn’t bad either if you’re looking for a change. Microsoft has released the open source version of the […]

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Open beta]Google Files Go is a brand new smart file manager that aims to keep your phone clean [APK Download]

Read the update The app is now available in open beta. If you haven’t participated in the early access program before, you can now download it normally from the Play Store. A ton of devices have built-in “cleaners” these days, and it looks like Google has developed its own. It’s called Files Go, and judging […]