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How To Install Dolphin File Manager On Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Dolphin is the file manager and is an integral part of KDE. Even Konqueror uses Dolphin in its file management. Unlike Konqueror, Dolphin specializes in file management and was specifically developed with ease of use in mind.

It incorporates a new concept to navigate faster and more precisely with the navigation bar. For this purpose, a so-called breadcrumb address bar is used. Instead of representing the full path, only each waypoint from one of the places is displayed as a button. By clicking on one of the buttons, you can directly access the folder. So you can go very quickly from a subfolder to a superfolder.

Steps to Install Dolphin on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

The steps given to install Dolphin file manager for Ubuntu can be used for other similar Linux such as Mint, Debian, POP_OS, Elementary OS, etc.

1. Open the command terminal

Go to Activities and search for Terminal or just use the keyboard shortcut – CTRL+ALT+T.

2. Run APT Update

After opening the Terminal application, run the system update command to refresh the APT package index cache. This will also install the latest security updates.

sudo apt update

3. Install Dolphin on Ubuntu 22.04

Dolphin is not only open source but also a popular KDE file manager application, therefore its packages are available through the system repository by default.

sudo apt install dolphin

4. Run Dolphin File Manager

Go to the application launcher and search for Dolphin, when its icon appears, click to run it.

5. How to update

As we used the APT package manager to install the Dolphin manager, we can use the system update command to get the latest future updates available for it. Here is the command :

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

6. Uninstall or remove

Those who no longer want the Dolphin on their Linux Ubuntu 22.04 can completely remove it using the APT package manager.

sudo apt autoremove --purge dolphin

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