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Best cloud file manager of 2022

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About the Best Cloud File Manager

When working from home, few things are more important than sharing your documents with your teammates remotely. Online file storage, synchronization and sharing services, like those listed here, play an important role in making collaboration seamless and hassle-free, wherever you work. Computer systems have steadily moved from local storage to server-based remote storage and cleaning, also known as the cloud. And it’s not just the workers. Even home users use the cloud all the time. We stream videos and music instead of playing them from discs. By storing your own documents and media in the cloud, you can access your entertainment anywhere and improve business collaboration.

We’ve rounded up the best cloud storage, file sharing, and file sync services to help you decide which ones are right for you. These services provide seamless access to all your data – Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, images and any other digital asset – wherever you are. You no longer need to be at your work PC to see your work files. With cloud syncing, you can access it from your laptop at home, your phone on the go, or your tablet on your couch. By using one of these services, you no longer need to email files to yourself or plug and unplug USB drives.

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I drive

IDrive is an incredibly feature-rich service and manages to tick all the boxes on our list of features we’d like to see in a cloud backup service. In fact, it even includes file syncing and sharing features that allow it to compete not only with other backup services (such as Acronis Cyber ​​​​​​Protect Home Office), but also with some of the best. cloud storage providers. , such as and iCloud.

The IDrive desktop client is available on Windows and Mac operating systems, but not on Linux. Although IDrive provides a Linux backup script and you can use the web client to manage your backup, you can check our list of the best cloud backups for Linux to find a service that offers a client. desktop dedicated to the operating system.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers a number of file sharing options, all of which are very easy to use. You can share files with other users or groups, or you can get sharing links. You can also decide whether users can edit a file or just view it. The info tab for each file has a helpful summary of who currently has access to it, and you can see who last modified it.

Google Drive keeps track of every version of files you upload, including PDFs and images. It’s easy to access version history from the Drive interface and download or restore previous versions of files. A search bar at the top of the Drive interface lets you instantly identify the particular file you’re looking for. You can search by file name, file type, keywords and words contained in a file.

mail boxes

When it comes to sharing and collaborating, Dropbox excels at giving other people access to files and folders. It even has its own Google Docs clone called Paper, which lets you collaborate with others to work on documents in real time. There are also powerful built-in search capabilities, allowing you to search for text in documents with one of Dropbox’s paid options.

Not unexpected for a service and app that’s been around for years, and Dropbox has grown to provide a very clean and elegant interface that can handle all your files. To share a folder of images or recover files from digital death, Dropbox has a simple process, regardless of device.


pCloud is a cloud storage service that ticks several boxes: it’s reasonably priced, it has a dedicated media player, and it offers extra encryption for your files. It can’t compete with Google Drive and OneDrive when it comes to document creation and collaboration, but it far outclasses them when it comes to privacy.

pCloud is a cloud storage service that ticks several boxes: it’s reasonably priced, it has a dedicated media player, and it offers extra encryption for your files. It can’t compete with Google Drive and OneDrive when it comes to document creation and collaboration, but it far outclasses them when it comes to privacy.

microsoft one drive

OneDrive has pretty much everything you want in a cloud storage platform. It is affordable and highly secure, with strong encryption frameworks. Business customers also have access to a wide range of auditing and compliance features. The platform is widely supported, with apps available on most operating systems and device types. These apps have a responsive and intuitive design, and make it easy to work alone or collaborate with colleagues.

Along with encryption, Microsoft maintains a strong physical data security policy that ensures customer data is not stolen or accessed inappropriately. This takes many forms, such as highly secure data centers that require biometric authorization and 24/7 security to keep facilities safe.

Zoolz cloud backup

Your files are flexibly distributed across three locations: Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 servers, which provide near-instant access to your data; AWS S3 Glacier servers, which provide ultra-secure cold storage for files you don’t need to access very often; and its own local servers, which provide faster recovery for large amounts of data.

Having three different types of storage is definitely more complicated than having just one type of storage that you can access on demand. However, the tribrid backup system is what makes Zoolz Cloud Backup so affordable compared to other enterprise cloud storage services.

ice reader

Another best feature offered by Icedrive is its virtual drive, which allows you to interact with all your online files as if they are on your computer. You can move, copy, rename, download, and delete files, and everything is synced to the cloud. You can preview files here and even edit documents in their native apps, and any changes you make will download once you’re done.

Icedrive does not create a sync folder on your hard drive. However, you have the option to sync any folder on your computer to the cloud, which means you can keep your existing folder structure. However, if you really need a separate sync folder, Dropbox offers great sync options.


The main difference between these plans is the amount of storage and transfer limits included. The cheapest plan, Pro Lite, allows users to store 400 GB of data and transfer up to 1 TB, while the most expensive plan, Pro III, offers 16 TB of storage and a transfer limit of 16 To.

File sharing is easy on MEGA, and to add to the simplicity of the service, you can even share files with users outside your organization who don’t have a MEGA account. In addition to this, the platform uses end-to-end encryption to secure and bind all data sent.


Koofr is a cloud storage solution that meets your need to collect all types of files in a centralized database. Cost varies by tier chosen, starting at 2GB. Easily connect Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, and OneDrive accounts and browse all your files in the cloud or on paired devices.

Koofr simplifies sharing. Users can link to a file or folder and choose privacy settings. The system can also receive large files from anyone and create a receive link. The solution also works with all browsers and a variety of platforms. Koofr allows automatic backup from mobile devices.


Box offers free accounts, paid personal accounts, and business accounts. At 10 GB, a free personal Box account offers five times more space than a free Dropbox account, which offers 2 GB. Box imposes a 250 MB limit on the size of files you can upload with a free account.

To get started with a Box account, create a login and respond to a confirmation email. Free accounts require a phone number but not a payment method. On first use, you tell Box whether your account is for personal or business use, then ask for the email addresses of people you know to collaborate. Fortunately, you can skip this step.

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