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Best military payday loan alternatives for 2022

[ad_1] Mmilitary personnel and their families do so much to serve our nation that it is surprising to discover that they are being unfairly targeted by predatory lenders. But it is, in fact, the case. The Consumers Federation of America recently published a report who noted that predatory lenders target military personnel and their families. […]

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STOP Djvu ransomware with .wrui file extension

[ad_1] You are dealing with a new variant of STOP (Djvu) Ransomware as explained here through Amigo-A (Andrew Ivanov). Since switching to the new STOP Djvu variants (and the release of .gero), malware developers have been consistent in using 4 letter extensions. The .djvu * and newer variants will leave named ransom notes _openme.txt, _open_.txt […]