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Federal lawmakers seek to lower payday loan rates from 400% to 36%

Tens of millions of Americans are turning to high-cost loans that regularly bear interest rates of over 400% for day-to-day expenses, such as paying bills and covering emergency expenses. For many, these rates end up being just too high and leading to a seemingly endless cycle of debt. But that could soon change. This week, […]

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Google will force file manager developers to submit form to gain wide access to file storage in Android 11

The Android 10 beta 2 released earlier this year revealed that Google plans to limit how apps can access your phone’s internal storage. To this end, Google has introduced something called Scoped Storage. However, due to backlash from several developers, the company had to reconsider its implementation. The company has allowed apps that don’t yet […]

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How to turn Google’s “Files” app into a full-fledged file manager “Android :: Gadget Hacks

As the files on our devices become more and more important over the years, the need to keep things organized continues to increase. The longer your device, the messier the internal storage can become. Having a file manager would be extremely helpful in this situation. You can also rearrange the folder structure, just like you […]