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For Desperate Americans Considering a Payday Loan, Here Are Other Options

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has proposed gutting a rule aimed at regulating the payday loan industry. The agency on Wednesday released two proposals to roll back regulations on paydays, vehicle titles and other balloon payment installment loans that were finalized in 2017 and were due to take effect in August. The announcement comes more […]

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Download the original Windows file manager from the Store

[ad_1] Madalina has been a Windows fan since she got her hands on her first Windows XP computer. She is interested in everything related to technology, especially emerging technologies – AI and DNA computing in … Read More The original code for Windows File Manager was recently released by Microsoft. According to the Microsoft Store […]

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Windows 10: You can now get the 90s Windows File Manager from the Microsoft Store

[ad_1] Microsoft has released its relaunched, open-source Windows File Manager starting with Windows 3.0 in the Microsoft Store. The new application is aimed at fans of the look and feel of the file manager in Windows in the early 90s. The Windows file manager was the first graphical interface for managing and accessing files. It […]

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Windows 3.0 file manager reborn in all its nostalgic glory

[ad_1] In 2018, Microsoft opened the first and the first GUI-based Windows file manager, which debuted in Windows 3.0. The program, which is maintained on GitHub by Microsoft, is now available for download for Windows 10 devices from the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store listing claims the app can be installed on all Windows 10 […]

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One Commander is a free alternative file manager for Windows 10

[ad_1] Windows File Explorer has basic functions, and it’s hard to get things done quickly enough. Most of the time is wasted navigating and finding folders. This calls for the need for an alternative software for Explorer, and today we are talking about A commander. One Commander Alternative File Manager for Windows Instead of just […]

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Windows File Manager (WinFile) now available for download from Microsoft Store

[ad_1] Microsoft has now released Windows File Manager (WinFile) as a desktop app in the Microsoft Store. The File Manager application was originally released with Windows 3.0 in the early 1990s. It was Microsoft’s first GUI-based file manager and it was superseded by Windows Explorer in later versions of Windows . Last year Microsoft released […]

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Microsoft Brings Windows 3.0 File Manager to Windows 10 Store

[ad_1] In 2018, Microsoft released the version of File Manager that came with Windows 3.0. The software giant posted the source codes on Github, which allowed users to download and install the file manager on Windows 10 devices. Windows 3.0 File Manager was released in the early 90s. Because it is a decades-old application, Microsoft […]